Moderately Unknown

by Tracy Walton

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released March 11, 2015

Tracy Walton - vocals, acoustic and electric bass, acoustic and nylon guitar, electric guitar 4, drums and organ 1, percussion, pots, mandolin, mellotron, keys, backing vocals.
Mic Nicosia - drums, accordion, piano 4, backing vocals 5
Julia Autumn Ford - backing vocals 1,4,5,7,9,10
Jeff Howard - electric guitar
Glen Nelson - piano 5, organ
Jay Roberts - backing vocals 5,8. Slide guitar 3
Krizta Moon - backing vocals 3,5
Ben Dean - violin and viola
Dee Michaud - backing vocals 4,5
Chip Fenney - horns
Isaac Young - organ 4,5
Vin Avallone - backing vocals 5
Adam Issadore -djembe
Francisco "Chico" Morales dun dun

All songs written by Tracy Walton
Produced at On Deck Sound Studio by Tracy Walton, with an assist from Julia Autumn Ford
Tracking, Tracy Walton and John Roper, assisted by Julia Autumn Ford
Mixing, Mastering -John Roper and Tracy Walton On Deck Sound Studio
Cover Art John Kelly
Design Jack Reynolds
Inside photo Luke Haughwout

Thanks to Sheila for pretty much everything. A special thanks to Mic for being there, Julia for driving the bus and helping produce this album, Taylor Guitars, and all my family, friends and fans for their years of support.
To everyone that jumped on the fan funding of this album; you are the best.

C2015 Levon Wilson Records



all rights reserved


Tracy Walton Litchfield, Connecticut

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Track Name: Someday
somedays I care to be here
somedays I don't
somedays it comes together
other days it won't
someday I know I'll be moderately unknown
some day

some days it hurts like hell
some are just for show
somedays go down in flames, damned if I know
somedays i feel i have one more run at rock and roll
some day

you find good in the bad
you're beautiful when you're sad
There's got to be a better way,

somedays it feels like we're all a drift at sea
but someone forgot the flares so we'll never be seen
may we someday bow our heads and face our fate, gracefully

find good in the bad
you're beautiful when you're sad
There's got to be a better way,

someday we have to say our last goodbye
i hope i said it enough hope you're satisfied
may grace shine a light on you and I so our souls can fly
Track Name: Jump Into the Fire
So you got no money running out of time
soon you'll have some memories with a little extra shine
smoke your last cigarette, dance with me a while
when this song ends we jump into the fire

you can't fight the seasons, but you can swim against the tide
we don't know the reasons, but we always know the rhymes
we may be beaten, but we're going out in style
when this song ends we jump into the fire

seems we somehow find a way
to cross the line but take heart we're going straight
but keep the car running just in case

one steps forward, two steps behind
in the wrong direction, but no one seems to mind
I wish I had the answers, but the questions form a line
when this song ends we'll jump into the fire


one last go around, point of no return
we'll get it right this time for we have surely learned
I finally see the picture but I might be in denial
when this song ends we jump into the fire
Track Name: Many Worlds Collide
There's many worlds and they're all true. In one I fell in love with you.
in some we laughed we cried and danced, some worlds had other plans
there's the one where we never met, at least it hasn't happened yet
there's even one where we are friends, but the tension never ends

and I want you to fly to the world that satisfies you
go there knowing I, often think about you
if only for a night we could we could find forever
so may this be the night many worlds collide

There's many worlds as there might be. In one you fell in love with me
in one you always run away in most of them you decide to stay
there is one where you're always blue, there's nothing I can say to you
in a few you're forever young, wish I could find my way to one
Track Name: Belfast
One more drop of rain and we'll surely drown
One more drop of rain and we'll surely drown
You know I never could swim
What makes you think I can save you from him

One more inch of snow will bury us all
One more inch of snow will bury us all
You know I can;t stand the cold
If I may be so bold, I'd win

And I would love you to fly away
I would love you to find your way
I would love you to fly away home

We could look for a brighter day
We could look for a better way
We could look for a brighter way home

One more ounce of pain will finish your wall
One more ounce of pain will finish your wall
For years you waited and grinned,
I wish I could save you from him

Track Name: Summertime
I think we should take a trip and leave the top down
laugh and love and dance and sing like no one's around
Summertime's or holding hands, sippin' wine, toes in the sand
Someday we can sail away and swim all seven seas,
We can spend our days and nights singing two part harmony

La da di da do, la da di da da,
because it's summertime and because I love you

maybe if the tide is right, we could find a way
to a distant shore where we could live out all our days
we'd make friends with the monkeys as they swing up in the trees
build ourselves a hammock and we'll stare out at the sea
we can spend our days and nights singing two part harmony


take my phone I don't need a ring
to tell me you're my everything
everyone will happily, sing our harmony

Track Name: Better Man
some say life's a game of give and take
and forgiveness is divine
and while a good man learns from his mistakes
I know that love isn;t blind

some say you should always learn to forget
if you hope to get by
and while the hard work may all be in vain
Still I know I must try

It's a hard road to tow at the least when it's built on a lie
but I'll fill in the holes and despite being frayed I'll be a better man today

Some say you should only practice what you preach
actions speak louder than words, but our house was built with many many p____s, so casting stones would be absurd.

and the water runs cold and deep, when you're swimming for your life
If you throw me an oar, I will row until I break
and be a better man today

so as we question till death do us part
and what becomes of our seed
I will not give up on you my love
that I promise faithfully

Chorus 2
Track Name: Shake It
I just met a girl at the record store
she had her hand on my favorite record from a year ago
and while I've moved on and the song has lost her shine
if she spins it again, I'll listen to it one more time

shake it shimmy shake it
rattle and roll till we make it
I got a back beat you can;t take so baby shake

back at my place she's digging up some rock and roll
she flips slow for me but man she seems to know
what she wants, who she's looking for
she grabs big Joe Turner, we both hit the floor


Most days I'm a fan of the long play
Dark Side of the Moon still blows me away
but tonight I see nothing wrong with a 45
spin it again, do it to me one more time
Track Name: Come With Me
Come with me
Come with me
take my hand and come with me

Everyone thinks they'll be in movies
be a big star and get their kicks for free
Maybe you haven't hit the big time
but you know you steal my every seen

Let's go down and see that sweet Virginia
Maybe we can swing by Tennessee
On the road we'll take what comes and run with it
Why would we pay when we get it free

If we're home there'll always be a party
but only if you come by after 3
The morning hours I lay with my sweetheart
but every night I knock her off her feet

Track Name: Lullaby for Ava
I tried and I tried to stay on the side
to let go and see if you fly
I worry your wings aren't as long as you think
and you too will soon touch the fire

I will love you for all of time
and stay with you tonight
sleep my darling when you open your eyes
I'll be right by your side

Shot down and tempted, downright rejected
still you don't understand why
and though the cause may seem hopeless and lost
I promise you too shall arise

Track Name: The Night Slipped Away In Our Hands
On the wrong side when the night finally came to an end
wasted and shattered, I don't think that they understand
I swear I tried, but she was too far gone when the time came to make the last stand
but the music had stopped and the night slipped away in our hands

When the band stops playing you know it's time to go home
And the pain that you felt returns when you walk out the door
You wish you could stay and they would keep playing and the last dance would never end
But nothing's forever and the night slipped away in our hands

Do you remember, when we were young at heart
The first time you fell apart
over and over again

The best is yet to come never worked for me
Looking back my old songs seem naive
But I'll keep singing, so you can all dance
and the night slipped away in our hands