Brand New Again

by Tracy Walton

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Tracy Walton's solo debut.


released October 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Tracy Walton Litchfield, Connecticut

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Track Name: Too Far Gone

As the town stood by we boarded the boats and set sail for fame and fortune
Some shed a tear, some drank to the past, some of us praying we’d never be back
One took on water and never left port and swam back to join the rewarded. As the stones were cast they saw the last mast, but they were too scared to try they were too far gone.

Some were quick to throw lines at the first hopeful sign but the depths were a little distorted
While others still drift on an endless sea wishing their anchors were just a bit longer
The unfortunate few who crashed on the rocks, their bodies would never recover they thought. They just stared at the breech and wished they were home. They were too scared to try and to far gone.

But for a small few who managed the breaks and found the bay of glory.
Where their struggles rewarded they found roots to grow, and lived out their side of the story I’m told
As the years went by they took stock of their nets yes they were full, happy, content, yet they still dreamt of home like a sirens song but they were too scared to try and too far gone
Track Name: They Say You Can Never Go Home
When I was young, I wouldn’t go as far as born to run,
yet I’d move briskly towards the sun

And now I’m here on this stage with some local international fame
It’s a brand new city, yet somehow the same

And they say you can never go home, well I wouldn’t want to be there again
Cause it never ends happy and I’ve got new friends.

Pack the drums and guitars, we’ll all pull a stool to the bar,
we’ll recount the moments if any there are

As we toast the times, to the future and to this very night,
We’ll drink to tomorrow and may the past stay behind


As the lights go low, I hope you’re all satisfied with the show,
and may we all be lucky and no one leaves alone.

And they say you can never go home
Maybe I could try it again
We’ll throw a big party and invite all my friends
Track Name: Things Will Never Be The Same
Strike down the band, it’s closing time
Que Sara, so goodbye
Encores aside it’s time to fly
Let’s save a tune for another night

One more tonight
Over and over again they cried

please don’t make me play, sad songs from yesterday
Cause I can’t deny you, when you say things will never be the same

We played all the hits in the final set
B sides are all we’ve left
One lone guitar’s been set aside
I’ll play one more while the bands outside

So drink you drinks, dry your eyes
It’s not the room, nor the wine
It’s an echo inside your mind

Track Name: Brand New Again
In her Sunday dress
Mondays always come too soon
Wants to be dancing by the moon

From the Midwest
Set out East upon a tune
Settled down a bit too soon

I know I’ve seen better days
Safe to say she’s seen the same
The back door slams she wipes her tears away
In the next breath she’ll amaze you

She did her best
Knew the kids would have to come
No one gets out when you’re on the run

She could talk for days
Never feel you have to say
Anything and everything is gonna be ok

Finally seems she’s found her way
After years of toil and pain
Close the windows draw the shades
Tomorrow she’ll remind you

She’s gonna be brand new again
Track Name: Enduring Devils (It's Just Begun)

I’ve ran the errands esoterics as best I can
I’ve made appointments and commitments ploys and plans

And when our day is over
I still rush home in hopes to find you there
And when our friends are over
I still entertain with eyes of champagne
Like I even care

About what they do and how they fail you my dear
And how they talk through all we’ve been through insincere

It’s never over it’s just begun you are the only one

I wait so patient but complacence isn’t mine
Demanding schedules enduring devils killing time

And when our day is over
I still rush home in hopes to find you there
And when our friends are over
I still entertain with eyes of champagne
Like I even care

So now I know you I could use to know myself
For kings and karma drugs and drama are getting to loud to hear me yell

Track Name: Shake The Blues
Got me a band never drops a beat
Got me a band to help you move your feet
They’re the greatest band down to the man
I’m sure you agree won’t you give em a hand
I got me a band and it might be all I need

Got me some fans they clap when I sing my songs
Got me some fans they like to sing along
No need to turn around cause I’m talking to you
Don’t worry bout the words cause it’s only a blues
Got me some fans and you might be all I need

We go in and out and up and down
Jump yourself back put your feet on the ground
Don’t look now cause you might just shake the blues.

Got me a job slinging this guitar
Got me job who says I won’t go far
Out on the road trying to get by
We’ve all had a slice of that humble pie
Got me a job and it might be all I need

Got me a girl she never tell no lies
Got me a girl pretty easy on the eyes
She been with me so damn long
knows what I did before it’s wrong
Got me a girl and she’s sure all I need
Track Name: Goodbye Caroline

Well I’m busted and broke I made friends with a rope but I don’t think I’m set to retire.
And I still think of you when there’s nothing left to do but throw one more coal at the fire.
I’d play you a tune but my e string broke and the chords aren’t so pretty down here.
I could tell you a joke but I forgot them all and my intentions might seem unclear.

And I knew I could see you laughing
I wish I’d heard you cry

So Goodbye
Yes goodbye

The sheets are a mess and the pillows unkept I never liked sleeping alone.
I tried switching sides but it was much too high and I kept falling back in the hole.
And I find myself laying here with a lit cigarette and I’m wide a wake half of the time
And it ain’t hard to do when you’ve got nothing left to lose maybe I’ll sit up for a while


All the kids are out back playing ball and jacks and they still think you ran to the store
What should I say it wouldn’t matter any way it’s hard to make sense from the floor
I found that old ring you’d been looking for and I set it on the stand by the bed
I cried last night in our swimming pool as the stars all appear to be dead

Track Name: 92

Back in 92
I had a couple of bucks and I changed for you
But I don’t know why. No I don’t know why

There’s a shadow hanging over me
and I’m not the man that I used to be
But I don’t know why. No I don’t know why

So where are you and what am I
Who are we and where does the time go
And I hope to find a place
that we can all go and say we’re finally home

I know and you know too,
cause I can see it in your eyes that we ain’t through
So come on let’s try. Give it one more try.
Some day when we all retire, what will they say when they stoke the fires
Are they satisfied? Are you satisfied?
Track Name: Sorry
The introductions end in a blaze of glory
It certainly should have been plain to see
I told her she’s the one, just stick to the story
But they rewrote the end of the final scene

And now she’s sorry
He’s so very sorry
Everybody’s sorry except for me

All about the club everybody’s flying
And the band strikes up a tune called jealousy
I’m lying on the floor I think I could be dying
But we sold out the show and it’s a courtesy.

And as the crowd gathers to see what’s the matter
You quietly slip outside
I’m beaten and battered, yet secretly flattered
still you have a brilliant eye.

And now she’s sorry
He’s so very sorry
Everybody’s sorry except for me
Track Name: Friend Of Mine
When you said you want to be young
I told there’s nothing wrong
With just being beautiful

Sit with me there’s no need to run
That race is long since won
Bow your head for the funeral

I’m seeing things through older eyes
Looking back? I haven’t the time
We get better with age or we die on the vine
The less we say the more we shine

And I don’t mind if you take a while
I’m satisfied with all I see
I’ll be fine, cause you say you’ll always be a friend of mine

You don’t have to say what’s in your head
Ten years ago it’s already said
I know your hand you don’t have to show

So as we sit as passers by,
I’ll smoke a clove you’ll drink your wine
Raise a glass to the ones who know

We’re seeing things through older eyes
Looking back we haven’t the time
Better with age or we die on the vine
The less that we say the more we shine